Agile Planner

I’ve found in codeplex a tool for iteration planning for agile project management. The description that follows was taken from the tool’s page:

This tool is for agile project teams, who currently are using sticky notes on the wall. With this tool stories, backlog and iterations are managed in a graphic designer, saved as files within visual studio projects and can be exported to images, reports and etc.

Main features are

  • Stories can be drag and dropped between backlog and iterations
  • Iteration’s capacity calculated automatically base on stories within it
  • Stories are rendered base on customizable status or priority color schema
  • Diagram can be exported to PNG image for printing, documentation and sharing

You can download this tool at


Agile Development FAQ

I’ve found an interesting article about Agile Development that i wanted to share… It was written by Shivprasad koirala.