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I am sorry about the silence but i’m very busy at work and occupied at home so… posting has become a very very background task… stay tuned to my delicious bookmark and my twitter page because they’re having daily updates…

Hope to get back to you here as fast as possible 😉

Welcome to Windows 7

Welcome to Windows 7! 🙂

I think Microsoft has done it this time… in all aspects…

Microsoft Source Analysis for C# (StyleCop)

Source Analysis is similar in many ways to Microsoft Code Analysis (specifically FxCop), but there are some important distinctions. FxCop performs its analysis on compiled binaries, while Source Analysis analyzes the source code directly. For this reason, Code Analysis focuses more on the design of the code, while Source Analysis focuses on layout, readability and documentation. Most of that information is stripped away during the compilation process, and thus cannot be analyzed by FxCop.

After installation, Source Analysis can be run from within the Visual Studio IDE, and can also be integrated into MSBuild-based command line builds.

Source Analysis for C# can be downloaded here:


Scott Hanselman’s Tools List

Scott Hanselman’s provides two articles on his site that are a “must have” for all developers:

Scott Hanselman’s 2007 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows

Scott’s List of Ultimate Visual Studio.NET AddIns

Highly recommended!

Techdays 2008 Portugal – Video Sessions

The video sessions from Techdays 2008 @ Portugal are comimg!

check it out at

MIX08 – Video Sessions

Now that MIX08 have finished we have the video sessions to remember.

I recomended that you see it! There is some interesting videos like the keynote from Guy Kawasaki and Steve Balmer (thumbs up!), the presentation of Silverlight 2 and “Building Great AJAX Applications from Scratch Using ASP.NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008” by Brad Abrams.

At this moment there is 88 presentations for you to see. Get started! 🙂

Link for the video sessions: