Agile Planner

I’ve found in codeplex a tool for iteration planning for agile project management. The description that follows was taken from the tool’s page:

This tool is for agile project teams, who currently are using sticky notes on the wall. With this tool stories, backlog and iterations are managed in a graphic designer, saved as files within visual studio projects and can be exported to images, reports and etc.

Main features are

  • Stories can be drag and dropped between backlog and iterations
  • Iteration’s capacity calculated automatically base on stories within it
  • Stories are rendered base on customizable status or priority color schema
  • Diagram can be exported to PNG image for printing, documentation and sharing

You can download this tool at

Agile Development FAQ

I’ve found an interesting article about Agile Development that i wanted to share… It was written by Shivprasad koirala.

Free Tools 4 everyone

Nowadays, we try to find the perfect software to do specific things. Sometimes that software is a litle expensive. Or you create a program that finds your needs, or you find some “freeware” software. I’ve founded two interesting programs that matches my needs when it concerns “Task listing” and “Password Management”.

KeePass Password Safe

KeePass is a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager. Before KeePass I had Data Guardian that was excelent too but now you must pay for it and I had to find another software.  For me this is a must install in every machine i have. Below is a link to the site of KeePass and a link to the excelent features that this program has.




ToDoList came from heaven to save me in planning my classes. This is a remarkable tool that i’ve been trying to find for a very long time. At this moment i’m just using this software to plan my classes but it is perfect for software developing too. This was taken for their site:

ToDoList is a rare form of task management tool, one that allows you to repeatedly sub-divide your tasks into more manageable pieces whilst still presenting a clean and intuitive user experience.

ToDoList has been in continuous development for the last 4 years and is an ongoing project.

Your tasklists are stored in XML which provides many opportunities for advanced formatting and printing using stylesheets.

ToDoList’s flexible design makes it ideal for both IT related projects as well as more general GTD uses.

We welcome feature requests and respond promptly to all reports of bugs or unexpected behaviour.

This software is a must have and you should try it!

Resharper 4.0 is out!

The must-have productivity tool for Visual Studio, ReSharper 4.0 provides solution-wide error highlighting on the fly, advanced code completion, superior unit testing tools, over 30 advanced code refactorings, multiple handy navigation and search utilities, single-click code formatting and cleanup, automatic code generation and templates, and a lot more productivity features for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, XML, and XAML.

New Features:

– Full Support for C# 3.0 and LINQ
– Comprehensive Insight into .NET Framework
– Solution-Wide Analysis
– Code Cleanup
– New Refactorings
– Multiple New Productivity Features
– Smoother Interaction with Visual Studio Ecosystem
– ASP.NET Speedup

You can see a more detailed information about the new features here.

Microsoft Source Analysis for C# (StyleCop)

Source Analysis is similar in many ways to Microsoft Code Analysis (specifically FxCop), but there are some important distinctions. FxCop performs its analysis on compiled binaries, while Source Analysis analyzes the source code directly. For this reason, Code Analysis focuses more on the design of the code, while Source Analysis focuses on layout, readability and documentation. Most of that information is stripped away during the compilation process, and thus cannot be analyzed by FxCop.

After installation, Source Analysis can be run from within the Visual Studio IDE, and can also be integrated into MSBuild-based command line builds.

Source Analysis for C# can be downloaded here:


Scott Hanselman’s Tools List

Scott Hanselman’s provides two articles on his site that are a “must have” for all developers:

Scott Hanselman’s 2007 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows

Scott’s List of Ultimate Visual Studio.NET AddIns

Highly recommended!